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Floating retail and promotional ranges for your magnetic levitation merchandise catalogues.




         Digital multimedia eFrames for your retail and promotional merchandise catalogues.  



             Digital wooden clocks for your retail and promotional merchandise catalogues.


             Solar flashlight torches for your retail and promotional merchandise catalogues.



           "We can arouse, stimulate, action and deliver truly inspirational product innovations in order to meet the broad, worldwide spectrum of corporate and consumer market demand; in terms of the very highest quality and best value, retail & marketing merchandise manufacture, design consultancy, and global logistics services currently available in any commercial domain - all neatly wrapped up in one easy-manage supply package for your perfect, stock catalogue solutions."

Bob Adderley, CEO, rpa-1innovations

  • POP / POS

Should you operate within any of the above corporate sectors and need something exciting, vibrant and fresh for your brand, please take a closer look and see what you think. If we do manage to tickle your fancy and inspire more than mere curiosity, please let us know exactly what you need.

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www.rpa-1.com                                  innovation@rpa-1.com                            + 44 ( 0 ) 1494 883900